Documentation of Electron

bool IsElectron
Check if Electron is loaded

void createconsole(title)
Creates new console with title

void closeconsole(void)
Closes current console

bool checkcaller(void)
Return true if current thread was not called from game script

string getscripthash(LocalScript/ModuleScript)
Return bytecode hashed with SHA384, You can use this function to check if LocalScript/ModuleScript is changed

table getgenv(void)
Returns global environment in a table

table getrenv(void)
Returns Roblox's environment in a table

table getreg(void)
Returns Roblox's lua registry in a table

table getgc(bool)
Returns Roblox's gc functions/table in a table

table getallgc(void)
Returns Roblox's gc objects in a table

table getflags(void)
Returns loaded fflags in a table

table getsenv( LocalScript/ModuleScript )
Returns the script's environment in a table

string getclipboard(void)
Returns whatever is copied on the clipboard as a string

table getrawmetatable(variant)
Returns metatable of variant, returns nil is there is no metatable

int getthreadcontext(void)
Return current thread identity

table getinstances(void)
Return all instances in game and return table

variant gethiddenproperty(Instance, Property)
Get hidden property

table gethiddenproperties(Instance)
Get all hidden properties from Instance and return table

function getscriptfunction( LocalScript/ModuleScript )
Returns registry function of the given script

table getloadedmodules(void)
Return loaded modules in table

userdata getcallingscript(void)
Return script from current thread, return nil if its from Electron

table getnilinstances(void)
Returns instances which the parent is nil

string getnamecallmethod(void)
Returns current namecall method name

bool isloadedmodule(ModuleScript)
Check if the modulescript is already loaded or not

bool iscclosure(function)
Returns whether or not a function is a C function

bool islclosure(function)
Returns whether or not a function is a Lua function

bool isreadonly(variant)
Return variant readonly value

bool iselectronfunction(function)
Check if function is from Electron

void sethiddenproperty(Instance, Property, variant)
Set hidden property

void setrawmetatable(variant, table)
Set current variant metatable to argument

void setnamecallmethod(string)
Set current namecall method name

void setreadonly(variant, bool)
Set variant readonly value

void setthreadcontext(int)
Set current thread identity

void setsimulationradius(int SimulationRadius, int MaxSimulationRadius?)
Set current thread identity

void setscriptable(Instance, Property Name, bool abletoindex?)
Set the instance's hidden property so it can be indexed

void setclipboard( ... )
Sets clipboard data to all given arguments

bool setfflag(FlagName, Value)
Set fflag to value and return true if exist

function newcclosure(function)
Creates c closure that invoke function argument when gets called

function loadstring(script, chunk?)
Compile the script and return function

variant require(ModuleScript)
Returns the value from ModuleScript

void fireclickdetector(ClickDetector)
Fire's ClickDetector

void firetouchinterest(Part TargetTouch, Part ToTouch, Number Toggle)
Fire touched event on TargetTouch with ToTouch part, Toggle must be either 0 (fire) or 1 (unfire)

void writeconsole( ... )
Writes ... to the current console

void mousemoverel(int x, int y)
Moves mouse position to x and y

void keypress(int keycode)
Presses virtual keycode: find codes here

void keyrelease(int keycode)
Releases keycode

string lz4compress(string input)
Compress the input with lz4 compression algorithm

string lz4decompress(string input)
Decompress the input with lz4 compression algorithm

string base64encode(string input)
Encode the string using base64 format

string base64decode(string input)
Decode the base64 input to normal string

File System

void appendfile(filename, content)
Append content to filename inside workspace folder

void writefile(filename, content)
Writes content to the workspace folder, named filename

string readfile(filename)
Returns content of filename from workspace folder

table listfiles(path)
Return a list of files from path inside workspace folder

void makefolder(foldername)
Create foldername inside workspace folder

bool isfolder(foldername)
Check if foldername exist inside workspace folder

bool isfile(filename)
Check if filename exist inside workspace folder

bool delfile(filename)
Try delete filename inside workspace folder, and return true if succeed

bool delfolder(foldername)
Try delete foldername inside workspace folder, and return true if succeed

Debug Library

table debug.getconstants(function)
Returns constants from lua function

variant debug.getstack(level, [optional] idx)
Return stack from level as table, if has idx it will return something

table debug.getmetatable(variant)
Returns metatable from variant and without getting locked

table debug.getregistry(void)
Return Roblox's lua registry table

table debug.getupvalues(function)
Return function upvalues

variant debug.getupvalue(function, int index)
Return upvalue from upvalue index function

table debug.getprotos(function)
Return functions/proto from function

function debug.getproto(function, int index, bool SearchGC?)
Return functions/proto from index, If searchgc set to true it will search the proto instances in gc and it will return table!

table debug.getfenv(variant)
Return variant environment

table debug.getinfo(function)
Return info from function

void debug.setconstant(function, int index, variant value)
Set constant from constant index to value

void debug.setupvalue(function, int index, variant value)
Set upvalue from upvalue index to value

bool debug.setmetatable(variant, table)
Set variant metatable

void debug.setstack(level, idx, value)
Set stack from level on idx to value